a Shared Retail Innovation Lab & Incubation
a partnership between

XnFinity Microsoft


We know that in the current environment of Retail Disruption, Innovation is a key ingredient for future success... but many retailers are unwilling to invest in the latest innovations if they have not been proven yet: They are cost and risk averse!

With a low budget the retailers companies can have a Lab focus in innovation for its Online and Brick & Mortar business’s.
Building a culture of innovation across the business is really important for retailers and we can play a big part in enabling that.

Innovation is a key ingredient for future success!!




Exclusivity access to our ecosystem and its innovations.


Have a innovation team evaluated in Millions$/year.


Unique and integrated vision of the Retail of the Future.

Costs Vs Risks

No additional costs in accessing to internal Lab technology, demos, PoC and source code.


Building a platform for our Lab Team, Retailers and Startups to come together in an ecosystem where Retailers can have access to a unique vision of the Retail of the Future and test out Solutions in a real retail environment. The cost and risk will be shared across the Retailers in the ecosystem.

The Lab Team only works on unique and disruptive projects where is possible to have results quickly and where doesn't exists solutions on the market. We keep track of emerging trends to prepare us and our stakeholders for the future and to avoid surprises.

Several Startups with innovative solutions will make part of our ecosystem where we will prove their solution in real retail environments and help them to scale and breakthrough in retail.

Lab Store- Open Soon!!

On the Lab Store all the solutions will be tested and validated in real retail environment.

  • Real Problem Solved
  • Solutions Validated
  • Good KPI's
  • Validated ROI

More Information Soon!!

Lab Solutions Portfolio

Some of the Awesome Projects we've worked on.
A lot more solutions... Very Soon!!



Innovation Never Stops