Electronic Invoice

Our e-invoicing plataform completely removes paper from your organization processes. Now you will send and receive electronic invoices to and from customers and suppliers.

With this platform you can archive all invoices in digital format, with legal validity. This translates into effective savings in terms of resources, costs and space.

Studies estimate that the cost of digital invoice is between 0.10 and 0.47 euros, and the paper invoice between 1.13 and 1.65 euros.


The e-invoicing plataform form xnfinity allows the integration with the organizations ERP or Management Software, it also minimizes the use of paper and reduces up to 50% of your processing and filing costs.

A report predicts potential annual benefits of up to €40 billion across Europe in the business-to-business field alone


Some Benefits

- Reduced printing and postage costs;

- Processing is quicker and cheaper

- Lower storage costs

- Eco-friendly